India, which has 16% of the World's populace, has just 4% of the world's freshwater assets. According to the service of Irrigation, there is an immense hole between Ultimate Irrigation Potentials (UIP) and Irrigation Potential Created (IPC) in India, particularly in the condition of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa by having 21 Mn hectares of area are still far from Irrigation Plans.


India is essentially a farming focused nation thus as the bases of LPBindia is likewise profoundly grounded with this fragment as it were. As indicated by report of National Center for Agricultural and Policy Research, India needs to build its nourishment grains creation by no less than half in next two decades and India Water Vision 2025 has assessed that gross water request in the following two decades require an Investment of Rs. 20,000 Crore for each year.


LPBindia has framed an exceptional portfolio to provide food this need of Irrigation and Water Supply and it's very skill group of this fragment is sufficiently fit to do any undertaking under this area at any area over the world. Today The Sardar Sarovar Project over Narmada River is one of the biggest water assets ventures of India covering four noteworthy states - Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Dam's spillway releasing limit (30.7 lakhs cusecs) would be third most elevated on the planet. With 40000 cusecs limit at the head controller and 532 km. length, the Narmada Main Canal would be the biggest watering system waterway on the planet.